4 Ways to Play Difficult Guitar Songs

Learning to play the guitar is usually a relaxing experience, where you can discover your creative side and have fun at the same time. But it is also important to learn the skills to play difficult guitar songs.

We know that it is incredibly rewarding to be able to play the music you enjoy. It is even better to be able to create new music from time to time. To do all this, you need to develop skills.

Despite this, there are some moments in which trying to play music kind of sucks: this happens whenever you want to play a song that is too difficult for your current level.

If you have this problem, I suggest that the easiest solution is to follow some steps that will take you step by step until you master several songs.

Playing Guitar Songs at Your Level

Don’t think that playing hard songs is a problem just for beginners. This kind of issue may happen at any learning level: when you are just beginning, every song seems difficult, but even when you’re experienced there are still songs that seem really hard. It is not the most enjoying experience to try to play a song without knowing how to make it sound good…

The truth, however, is that the secret to play hard songs when you’re still a beginner, is just to make it easier in some way. There are several ways of achieving the desired result, but here are four techniques to make a difficult song easy.

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Techniques to Play Difficult Guitar Songs

1. Play it really slow

When you slow down the song, it may become as easy to play as a normal song that is already known for you. Once you do this, your work then becomes just to play it faster and faster. With some practice, you can use this technique to play even very complex songs.

2. Simplify the song

The second secret is that you don’t need to play all the notes or difficult passages of the music. At least not initially. You can create your own simple version at the beginning. To do this, just try to identify what are the most important parts of a song and start practicing them. When you have mastered a simple version of the song, you can start embellishing it as wanted.

3. Play one part at a time

A song may be difficult as a whole, but you can practice just parts of it. When you have practiced them all, then you will get ready to approach all parts in combination. This is a powerful technique that is used even by professionals players.

As you see, playing difficult songs is just a matter of organizing your learning process. Once you get one or more of the previous techniques going on, you will be able to learn any song you want.

4. Have Fun

Finally, have fun. The best thing of playing the guitar is to have fun in the process. Only play things that you really enjoy, that’s the best secret to learn to play the guitar fast.

How To Find Good Songs to Play in the Guitar

As we know, guitar playing is a great way to sped time and to bond with our friends. One of the best things of learning an instrument is that you can play the songs you like, at the time you want.

But, supposing that you know what you like to play, how to find good songs to play on guitar? There are thousands of songs to choose from, but some of them are too advanced, and some of them are not easy to find.

Well, the best solution for this problem is to search for sheet music on the web. Most big web sites that sell sheet music have links to their catalogs. Included in such catalogs are classics of music in all styles: rock, pop, ballads, and dance, for example.

Typical Songs to Play on Guitar

Rock and blues are the typical examples of guitar music. They cover the a broad spectrum of popular music. They also are easy to play, using just a limited amount of chords in most songs.

It is important to use songs in a progressive way. To see how hard it is to perform a song, just check the number of different chords you need to know to play it. If this seems too difficult to perform, move on and find a song that is a little easier. There are so many songs to choose from that this is not really difficult to achieve.