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Knowing the Parts of a Guitar

Buying a new guitar is great experience for music lovers. But it is important to have some basic knowledge of the instrument. In this article you’ll learn about the parts of a guitar. If its your first time buying a guitar, I think it is useful to know well the… Read More »Knowing the Parts of a Guitar

100 Best Guitar Brands for 2022

This article gives a list of 100 best guitar brands all over the world! From this list, you’re guaranteed to find a guitar that fits your style, as well as your budget. Top 10 Electric Guitar Brands Electric guitar come in diverse shapes and forms. In this article we review… Read More »100 Best Guitar Brands for 2022

ESP Duncan Electric Guitar

Do you want a guitar with fantastic look and excellent performance? If yes, they you may just be looking for the new EC-1000 VB ESP Duncan. This guitar has been consistently rated as a top quality instrument by some of the greatest guitarists. It offer the combination of quality and… Read More »ESP Duncan Electric Guitar

Gretsch G5260T Electromatic Jet Guitar

 The Gretsch G5260T Electromatic Jet Baritone guitar is an iconic guitar that provides comfort and precise sounds to guitar players. The G5260T comes with a refreshed Bigsby, which captures the essential sound power and fidelity. This happens even at sub-sonic levels. The Jet Baritone model comes to shake the status quo, equipped… Read More »Gretsch G5260T Electromatic Jet Guitar